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In 2005 I finally completed my Certificate in Children's Literature, and although I was unable to attend the 2006 graduation ceremony, it was lovely to see my name in the book of graduands and receive my certificate. My favourite paper was one called Image and Narrative, it really showed me how much can be conveyed and received through images, even on a level that we are not aware of, but a good illustrator should be. There are still more papers I would like to study in the years ahead, even as other design work consumes me.
Admittedly my illustrations have had to take a back seat, as raising my daughter will continue to be my priority for the next few years, and totally my pleasure: we are a creative team in more ways than one, and her own work is more valuable to me than gold.

My picture book, Granny, is still enjoyable to me and to many who read it. My other book, Lethbridge (Imaginary Friend) was also fun. The pictures here are from Granny. Rather than bore you with all of the story, I am just including some thumbnails here. I wonder if you can still make out what the story is about?

I took a short break but in 2013 I will complete another Children's Literature paper at uni.